New Community Impact Reports

Our new Community Impact Reports generate real-time estimates of social and health data. Access your free community report to and gain greater insight into poverty trends, COVID impacts, unemployment estimates, and much more.


Our new Community Impact report generates real-time estimates of social and health data, including:

  • Poverty

  • Unemployment

  • Obesity, Cancer, and other health outcomes

  • Food, Housing Insecurity, and other social determinants

How Are Communities Using This Data?

Whether you are assessing COVID impacts, or undertaking a Needs Assessment, our data and modeling tools have what you need in these unprecedented times.


Here are some of the ways communities like yours are using this data:


Community Impact Reports also include historical data, current trends, and projections. Reports have population-level breakouts by race/ethnicity, gender, and income. And our newest feature, the vulnerable population analysis, will give you insight into priority needs.

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